A referral is not needed to see a Dental Prosthetist. In some cases a Dentist or GP may refer patients for treatment.
Your Dental Prosthetist will consult with you before constructing the dentures, to be certain your dentures are of the best fit and colourings to suit your face. This is to ensure your dentures are designed to look as natural as possible.
No, it is not advisable to glue a broken denture. This is because glue is made of harmful chemicals that could be dangerous to your body. Also if glue is used on the Denture, it makes it difficult for the Prosthetist to repair the denture to it’s original design.
Standard Denture repairs take between 1 – 2 hours.
Over time it is normal for the gums and bones supporting your teeth to move and change shape. This can cause your Dentures to become ill-fitting or loose. An impression is taken inside your existing denture which is then relined with new material, duplicating the impression fitting surface. Relines are completed on the same day.
Sports mouthguards are custom designed to your mouth and assist in preventing damage to the mouth from a sporting accident. An impression of your mouth is taken and is used to construct the mouthguard. With a large variety of colours and styles we create a mouthguard for you that will stay in position while you enjoy your sport.
Dentures and Mouthguards can be claimed through Private Health Funds, with the correct eligibility. Your Dental Prosthetist will assist you in checking your eligibility for the services you require at the time of consultation.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, and cash. We have a Hicaps terminal for instant health fund claims.

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